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12 February 2010 @ 05:36 pm
[REVIEW] SPN - 5x14 - My Bloody Valentine  
Because I just can’t keep my mouth shut I will throw in my two cents of thoughts every week now for the latest Supernatural episode. This show, my favorite of them all, my addiction, just inspires me so much and at the same time manages it to lift me up and throw me down again.

So yeah, I was really looking forward to that episode.  Like really fucking much. I saw all the previews and thought, damn it looks good. In some ways funny but GOOD. And I knew Ben Edlund was going to write it so yeah – after The End, the awesome, fucking amazing Apocalypse Episode with so much angst and desperation and LOVE  - this man is like God, how can he produce something bad?
And hey, Cas should be in the episode and how can an episode with Cas be anything but wonderful? Yeah right…

But NO, NO I’m not really that disappointed and in the most points you can say, that the Dean/Castiel Fangirl is speaking. There were worse episodes (like the last one, who blew ass because of the fucked up characterization of Michael) but still there were some points in this week’s episode who struck me as odd and disturbing.  So I think I’m just going to make a list. Negative thoughts, positive thoughts.

-    The development of the story and in itself. Or more like the first part. To be precise the cupid story. Seriously, wtf? Okay, Sam and Dean come to town, couples are killing/eating each other and they have enochian sigils on their hearts. Well yes, call Cas and we think it’s a cupid and then, within five minutes we find out that it’s not the cupid…uhm, well? Everything was just so fast and I can’t shake of the feeling that the scene and the issue with the cupid was just there to press in the open, fresh “You’re life is destined. All roads lead to the same.” Wound and make dear Dean a little bit teary eyed and angry. Oh and maybe get some good laughs, because of social incompetent Castiel getting two hugs. All in all the scene’s with the cupid, the whole issue around the cupid…was misplaced and would have been sweet material to fill a whole episode but not…fill some gaps?

-    And with that we come to the next point: The horse men are awesome. They really are. I mean they are the fucking four HORSE MAN! They should be bad ass and they should be powerful. Fucking POWERFUL. And while War got a whole episode (though I think it was still not enough to introduce a goddamn HORSE MAN!) – Famine got just half an episode. Is this just ticking me off? Because it screams again “HELLO WE’RE THE WRITERS OF SUPERNATURAL AND WE HAVE THE AWESOMETASTIC TALENT TO WASTE GREAT MATERIAL!” So yeah, Sammy just blew one of the horse men away. Who apparently was too stupid to prepare for that neat trick? 

-    So yeah, for me the whole episode wanted to present too many issues. First the destiny crap, then Dean “being dead inside”, Sam and his demon blood drinking addiction, one of the horse men. All pressed in one episode…but okay, at least SOMETHING happened, at least you could feel the apocalypse again and you didn’t have the whole “yeah, one more filler episode” feeling

-    Jimmy being still alive in Castiel. Or at least this is how I interpreted it. Because when Cas suddenly feels what his vessel feels and the starvation comes from the soul, than there has to be Jimmy still in there, right? Okay…but why? Jimmy was pretty much hurt and broken (and for me more dead than really alive) in the end of season 4. And then in the final Cas got BLOWN AWAY INTO TINY PIECES BY AN ARCHANGEL. We still don’t know why he’s back again, but the bets are on God. So…why would someone also go through the trouble and put Jimmy’s soul back in there too? Not only Cas, but also Jimmy? Why? I don’t think it follows any logic. I liked Jimmy, don’t get me wrong, but I liked the thought of Cas owning “his own body” now. ..

-    In general I didn’t like Castiel’s weakness this episode. He’s an angel. Okay, a cut off from heaven angel but nevertheless an angel. And he didn’t feel hunger or anything up to know. But suddenly you can distract him with a cheeseburger? Whut? As cute as it was the first time…after the fifth cheeseburger I was as annoyed as Dean.

-    Why? Why episode do you have to kill Dean’s faith more? Why? I love(d) Castiel because he was something for Dean to hold on to. A strong, good being on his side that would help him when he can’t help himself anymore. Someone who would answer his prayers, when he stands outside of the motel and pleads to heaven. That was Castiel, Dean’s angel, Dean’s hope, Dean’s unsuspected helping hand and light. But now he became someone who’s easily distracted by a cheeseburger and wouldn’t even pull himself together when Dean was threatened and when Dean pleaded. And now? Now we’re there again with Dean alone in the dark praying to heaven without getting any answer? It broke my fucking heart. It shattered it into tiny little pieces, because I cried with Dean there. He was so lost. So damn lost after one of the four horse man told him he was dead inside. Dead. Inside. His soul shattered. And it reminded me of the scene in the hotel. Where CAS WAS THERE FOR HIM. Where CAS WAS THERE AND LISTENED and you thought, that Cas and Dean got to a point where they trust and rely on each other. But that’s what the writers just do these days. Someone said on lj: “The problem is that the show came to a point, where it’s stranger, that they do NOT sleep with each other.” – that’s true. But why do they need to back paddle so badly?!

+     Cas using of phone will never get old. Cas being on Dean’s speed dial will also never get old. Their little, awkward moments, where they stand in each other’s personal space and just stare at each other NEVER GETSOLD. Sweet and cute moment.

+    Everything around the Cupid. I know I complained about the cupid story, but just because I think it would have been great for a whole episode! The scenes with this guy were just too damn cute. First the hugs and then the poor little dude crying because he never wanted to hurt someone D= AWWW! Good that Cas gave him a hug and comforted him! It’s just what they both needed! “I love love and if that’s wrong I don’t wanna be right!” – OH THAT WAS TOO ADORABLE!! <33

+    I guess I liked Sam in the episode. Because…he was honest. With himself and with Dean, while Dean was lying to himself and to Sam (which I think is part of the new thing the show is pulling off “How to win sympathy for Sammy again!”), and that he faced the fact that he was weak and needed help. I also reeeally like Sammy when he’s drinking demon blood and going all “bad boy” – it’s just so much more sexy and interesting than his usually whiny behavior.  And that he proved that he could control it and used his powers to save the day. Beautiful. Sammy you get cookie points here.

+    The whole talk about Dean being broken inside. It was beautiful, though heartbreaking. Famine was pulling of his role pretty damn good.

+    Cas trying to comfort Dean in front of Sammy’s personal panic room. (And Sam screaming for Dean and for Cas, which was on the one hand cute, because Cas is becoming part of the family but was one the other hand annoying again, because it’s just one more point of the whole “How to win sympathy for Sam!” agenda…)  It was very sweet how he tried to find the right words, to calm Dean down.

+    Dean crying in the night. Absolutely beautiful. But in a very, very sad and upsetting way.

Why can’t you let all three main characters shine?  Why do you have to portray Cas or Dean worse to let Sammy shine? Or why can’t Cas and Dean have their deep friendship while Sam is around?

So this is the end of my rant. If I had to give this episode points from 1 to 10 – one being bad and 10 being fantastic – I would give it a…6.

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